Australia Merlot international trading PTY LTD, established in 2016 in Perth, capital of Western Australia, Australia Merlot Wines Industry is an integrated international trading company legally-registered with the Australian government. Our business scope mainly involves the export of Australian wines, agricultural products, health care products and milk powder, as well as the import of Chinese electronic products and such building materials as stone. We have currently formed the cooperative partnership with many Chinese companies. We have made a significant effort and contribution to the sound economic development for both China and Australia.

Australia Merlot Wines Industry mainly engages in the export of Australian wines. Strictly adhering to the principle of integrity, we guarantee the original packaging and branding of the wines, and make the 100% Australian wines with great balance and complexity become just a doorstep away. Through the investigation of ten Australian wineries, taking into serious consideration of the Chinese market, and for the purpose of catering to the taste of Chinese consumers, we have selected the products from Watershed Premium Wines located in the Margaret River Wine Region for export. In addition, we have equipped ourselves with a complete and mature Chinese port customs clearance system. We have set up warehouses in such economic and technological development zones as Foshan and Shenzhen. The required certificates for all the wines are complete, including the Certificate of Origin, Customs Declaration for Export, and Commodity Inspection Certificate. We are a desirable business partner to whom you can trust. We are cherishing a great hope to join hands with you to create a brighter future!